Teacher/Staff Appreciation 2023/2024


Theme Days From 2022/2023 School Year

Monday, 5/1 

Students will get to add a picture or a little note to their teacher’s and staff’s decorated doors to show appreciation. Markers will be available for students to use.

Tuesday, 5/2 

Bring your teacher and/or staff a flower. Please make sure to reference their favorite lists for allergies. If unsure, fake flowers or succulents may be a good option.

Wednesday, 5/3 

Show appreciation for your teachers and/or staff members by writing a compliment. Please only fill out one for each individual person. This will be placed in a compliment jar provided by the room parents. Please see form options attached.

Thursday, 5/4  

Decorate a flower. Decorate the flower petals however you would like – using materials like crayons, markers, stickers, stamps, watercolors, paints sticks, buttons, feathers, macaroni.... Be creative and have fun! Bring in your decorated flower for your teacher/staff member. Please see attached for flower. There are extras in the front office if needed.

Friday, 5/5  

Wear your teacher/staff’s favorite color and bring a favorite snack or fruit for them. If wearing their favorite color is not possible, students may wear spirit wear. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jaimee Hecker at EVP@madisonpta.org

PTA Theme Days  

Monday - Drinks & Snacks for the week.  Volunteers to come in on Sunday to decorate teacher lounge and stock with snacks and goodies   

Tuesday - Teachers get Expo Markers and Pens decorated as flowers and magnets :) 

Wednesday - Teachers get Cookies and Ice Cream 

Thursday -  Teachers provided with Chair Massages

Friday - Lunch will be served to the staff 

Compliment jar.pdf