Scroll down for Teachers' favorite colors, and links to sign up for the Flower Bar and Potluck Brunch. To contribute to your classrooms' Friday Galactic Goodie Bag fund check your room parent's emails or reach out to your room parent.

Additional copies of the "Your are Out of this World because" note are available in the Front Office next to the Check-In computer. You can print a full-size note below.

Don't forget the other staff members that your children interact with on a daily basis including: our Front Office staff, Custodial team, Learning Center team, Librarian and School Counselor, Therapies teams, CDC, Rec and Right at School. 

Please note financial contributions to the Goodie Bags are capped at $5 per family and are strictly optional. Goodie Bags for Teachers and Instructional Aides will be presented from the entire class.

Compliment Template - Full Page - to print at home

TSAW 2024 Compliment template.pdf

Your Teachers' Favorite Colors

(for Monday's Wear Your Teacher's Favorite Color to School Day) 

Carpenter: Yellow

Becker: Green or Pink

Bonetati: Purple

Allen: Green, Blue, or Pink

Roman: Blue

Polanco: Orange

Sako: Lavender or Teal

Von der Lieth: Purple

Cridland: Red or Orange

Lem: Blue

Cracknell: Yellow or Green

Branta: Neon (any color) or Green

Uhe: Green

Pearl: Turquoise

Kowal: Blue

Spahn: Rust or Gray

Keye: Blue

Howard: Blue, Green or Yellow

Griebenow: Blue