STAR is a Madison PTA-sponsored program designed to encourage students to read and be read to. Research shows that the amount of reading done out of school is consistently related to gains in academic achievement.

Record Minutes with Beanstack: 


Parents and/or students record the number of minutes that the student spends independently reading, or being read to each day, outside of class time via the Beanstack app☝️. 

Monthly minutes are due on the 5th of the following month, i.e. January minutes are due by February 5th

**Please note that any student logging more than 60 minutes per day of reading will be required to include the name of the book they have been reading**

Track your STAR daily minutes on the Beanstack app available on your child's school ipad or computer. If your child does not have a school device you can also log minutes by:

1.  Using a personal computer, log into your student's RBUSD Portal with their e-mail credentials and click on the Beanstack app on their dashboard.   (Click 'Log in with Clever' first and then choose 'Login with Rapid Identity' on the next page and enter your student's credentials. If you get a screen related to your computer's camera please click "try alternate" on the bottom of the dialogue box)

2. Download the Beanstack app to your mobile phone. Then you can either sign-in with your student's credentials for the RBUSD portal, OR with the RBUSD student number and birthdate, and start logging! 

3. Once you are logged into Beanstack you can click "Log Reading" in upper left corner. Make sure to join the new 'Challenge' every month where readers can earn badges as they work toward their reading goal of 400 minutes/month for Kinder-2nd Grade and 600 minutes per month for 3rd-5th grades.


Rewards will go to the class with the most reading minutes each month*. We will announce the monthly winner of the STAReading Banner and a cup of coffee for the teacher.  

In addition to the top classroom awards, students can earn other prizes for being a STAR reader. Students who reach certain reading levels, based on cumulative minutes read to, earn prizes as follows:

TK through 2nd grade:

3rd through 5th grade:

Feel free to email: if you have questions.

* For monthly class awards, minutes will be determined by total class minutes divided by the class size. The STAReading Banner will float each month to the top classroom.


Beanstack Quickstart guide.pdf