Start reading now and your time will be recorded!

STAR (Students Thrilled About Reading) PROGRAM

STAR is a Madison PTA-sponsored program designed to encourage students to read and be read to. Research shows that the amount of reading done out of school is consistently related to gains in academic achievement.

Track your STAR daily minutes here:  COMING SOON


Parents and/or students record the number of minutes that the student spends independently reading, or being read to each day, outside of class time via the on-line STAR TRACKER.  Monthly minutes are due on the 5th of the following month, i.e. September minutes are due by October 5th.  

To get started Click on the STAR Tracker above to obtain your parent ID log in.  You will need your student's RBUSD email account to get started.  

Here is a helpful video tutorial on how to use the tracker:  STAReading Tutorial 


Rewards will go to the class with the most reading minutes each month*. We will announce the monthly winner of the STAReading Banner and a cup of coffee for the teacher.  

In addition to the top classroom awards, students can earn other prizes for being a STAR reader. Students who reach certain reading levels, based on cumulative minutes read to, earn prizes as follows:

TK through 2nd grade:

3rd through 5th grade:

To see if your student(s) have qualified for an incentive, click HERE.

Feel free to email: if you have questions.

* For monthly class awards, minutes will be determined by total class minutes divided by the class size. The STAReading Banner will float each month to the top classroom.