Hands on Art

"We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents."

Bob Ross

Chairs: Natasha Kazi & Dinah Carolipio, hoa@madisonpta.org

Projects for the school year 2022-2023 (dates and order TBD)

The Color of Snow

submitting artist Birgit Snodgrass

City Perspective

submitting artist Chris Mason

Hanging Gardens of Babylon: Ancient Bas Relief Sculpture

submitting artist Lee-Jean Lin

Nagomi Pastel: Northern Lights

submitting artist Lee-Jean Lin

Owls in the Neighborhood

submitting artist Kaye Furlong

Tricks of Trompe L'oeil

submitting artist Amanda Lutz-Beheshti



Madison students participate in the South Bay Hands On Art program, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Madison PTA, your PTA donations, and our parent volunteers.

The aims of South Bay Hands On Art are:

Students carry out six art projects throughout the school year. All projects are linked by a common theme. Sessions are led by "docents", who are all parent volunteers. (See below for more information about docent responsibilities.)

For more information about this program, please visit the South Bay Hands On Art website.