Madison's Art Fence

  • Have fun!

  • Be creative!

  • Drop artwork off in the box by the Front Office.

  • Artwork should be appropriate for ALL AGES. If an artwork is deemed inappropriate it will be removed.

  • (Note: The Art Fence is being monitored by PTA members every few days. If you notice something questionable, please let us know at

  • Our current theme is intended as a jumping off point for your ideas. Any art submitted, on theme or not, will be posted.

  • Need ideas? Check out our Pinterest page!

  • Anyone in the Madison Community (students, parents, siblings, teachers, etc.) may contribute artwork for the Art Fence.

  • Sign your artwork! (If you are comfortable doing so. Identifying yourself as the maker of a piece of artwork encourages community connection.)

A note about Weather

Artwork 8 ½ x 11 or smaller will be put in sheet protectors for weather protection.

Larger pieces can be laminated if you are concerned about weathering. (The UPS store offers lamination up to 11 x 17. Lakeshore Learning in Carson offers self-serve lamination on school sized laminators.)

3D art should be weatherproofed at your discretion.

Please note, sheet protectors, lamination, acrylic sealer, etc. do not guarantee your artwork will not be damaged.

Consider creating artwork for the Fence that you don’t mind letting go of, or being damaged or weathered. Take photos or scan items you really want to remember. If you really want your artwork back after it’s been up on the Fence, please include your name and teacher’s name on the back, or some way of getting hold of you.

Questions? Contact us at